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An application that enables you to easily batch convert your movie documents to more accessible and player-independent executable files

VaySoft Video to EXE Converter enables you to compile a video file into a standalone EXE player. You can choose to display a custom image before or after the playback, use a custom application icon and also launch a website after the player is closed. The program also provides options that allow you to require user registration and can generate registration keys based on the machine ID of the user. VaySoft Video to EXE Converter stores the video in an encrypted format and prevents access to the original video file, the user can only view/play the video with the embedded media player control. Includes support for AVI and WMV files, other formats may require conversion and additional codec installation.

2) Specify the images and the effects of the images before and after playing the video.

3. If you want to set play time limit for your video, select "play time limit" bar and then click the left side checkbox of “Enable play time limit ”

1)Set "video expiry condition", you can choose one or multi conditions at one time.

2)Decide "If expiry condition arrives", what will be done in the next step.

when you want a website or a message appear, tape the website and the message.

4. If you want to set a Registration key for the output EXE file, select the “Registration” bar and then click the left side box of “Enable Registration”

1) Select “Registration Type” bar, define the registration type.

2) Select “Prompt note” bar, edit the prompt of registration.

3) Select “Localization” bar, edit the items of the registration dialog.

5. Select the “conversion” bar, click the button “convert”, after the conversion, you can click the button “preview” to preview the converted EXE file.

How to set the registration key for the output EXE file?

VaySoft Video to EXE Converter 6.27 full description

VaySoft Video to EXE Converter can help you generate Personalized output exe file. For example you can set private icon images for output exe file and configure your picture images before or after playing the video. The image support not only JPG, BMP,EMF but also PNG and GIF file, so, you can make your own irregular or animated welcome interface.

VaySoft Video to EXE Converter encrypt the original Video file, the output EXE files get the video information through memory stream, so your users cannot get it in his/her computer hard disk, This feature will strongly protect your video, it can prevent users from getting the original video file.

Существуют две опции:
1. Преобразование видео в формат, который воспроизводят все версии проигрывателя Windows Media, например, ASF, WMV, ECT. Эффективность и качество достаточно хорошие. В этом случае, конечным пользователям нет необходимости устанавливать какие-либо кодеки, они находятся уже внутри Windows Media Player.
2. Предложить конечным пользователям установку некоторых кодеков, которые могут позволить Windows Media Player воспроизводить видео формат, если он не может. VaySoft Video to EXE Converter может установить предел времени проигрывания и вы можете установить различные интервалы времени для воспроизведения вашего видео файла.

Отдельно можно скачать примеры изготовленных в программе .exe файлов (с примером AVI поосторожнее - прикольно, но... не для детей). Примеры тяжелее самой программы.

Your Windows PC will remain clean, speedy and ready to take on new tasks.


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